Palm Vacation Drawing

Cowboys & Pirates!

My new historic fiction is finally finished! It’s been a long road, but a pleasant one, and I’m so excited to see the final product! The book is available on Snag yer copy today!

Cowboys Of The Pacific

Writer’s Block Washed Away

Digging out my shelved ideas only to discover some thoughts have been washed away….


Confidence and gratitude are a woman’s best assets.

Cold Beauty


Coming home from “sunny and 75*” Florida to this can be disheartening unless you open your eyes to the beauty surrounding it. Each season, and everything in it, is beautiful because it’s created by God’s own hand. Each season in life is beautiful, too. You just gotta focus your gaze on what’s good instead of complaining of the cold!

And God Said…


“Let there be light!”

And God saw that it was good.

Sunny Florida


Sometimes life throws an uncomfortable curve ball…
But perspective is everything. Make the decision to believe that the sunshine is right behind the clouds.
Hope and expect the future to be better.
The rain only makes the sun seem brighter!