These are the last days of 2017! Who’s making plans for the New Year?

Got a story you want to tell? Let’s tell it! The world needs to hear!

Let’s get creative and turn that awesome idea you have into a real video! 🎬

And in the meantime, Happy Holidays!


Candle Sampley has proven herself as a talented artist in many areas, including 12 years of film and video production experience, ranging from web commercials, corporate and business media, live events, short films, TV shows, documentaries and features.

Her skills include writing, directing, pre and post production, as well as, camera experience.

Candle provides quality video editing for clients, while offering creative input.

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, Candle is not limited to local projects, but welcomes opportunity to travel and meet the need in your area, as well as, work on projects remotely.


Contact Candle Sampley:

Cell | 270.307.6599

Email | candlesampley1@gmail.com

StaffMeUp | http://staffmeup.com/profile/candlesampley

Vimeo | https://vimeo.com/candlesampley

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/candlevideo

UpWork | https://www.upwork.com